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This Week at Science Camp…

July 9, 2015


This week campers have enjoyed exploring the amazing world around us through engaging, exciting and hands-on science experiments and investigations.

On Wednesday we went to the Canadian Museum of Nature where we learned about everything from the origins of the Earth to the dinosaurs in prehistoric times to the animals living around the world today. Some of our campers were even brave enough investigate what owls eat by dissecting owl pellets!

Back at camp we have explored the different states of matter, made yummy edible experiments and created gooey polymers! We have combined art and science to explore the rock cycle using crayons and have made a to-scale version of the solar system using papier mache. Our Junior and Senior campers have also learned to use microscopes to look at prepared slides and have discovered that the world looks very different up close!

All of these scientific explorations are building towards Elmwood’s Science Fair this Friday. The event will feature an egg drop challenge during which our senior campers will drop an egg from high up in a contraption that they have built in the hopes that it will protect the egg from breaking. Friends and family are invited!