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Dates: July 10, 2017 - July 14, 2017

Price: $299

Calling all Super Sleuths! Someone has stolen Elmwood Junior School’s historic hand bell, and we need you to solve the mystery. This week, discover the art and science behind becoming a super sleuth. Older campers will learn how to analyze DNA, collect finger prints, use facial-feature recognition and more from the Mad Science experts. They will also create disguises and make a “book” with a hidden panel for concealing secrets! Younger campers will learn how to hunt for clues, make disguises and practice skills of recall and observation in the race to solve the crime! We’ll have a special guest visit from a community police officer to learn how crime scenes are investigated. Each day, a new series of clues will help you and your team solve the crime. Can you discover the truth before our Secret Agent Academy comes to an end on Friday afternoon?