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Mini Medical School Part 2 REGISTRATION CLOSED

Dates: July 24, 2017 - July 28, 2017

Price: $280

For students entering Grades 7 – 9 in September 2017
This program was created by Level Up Village

In Part 2 of Elmwood’s Miniature Medical School, participants explore whether the environment or DNA determines who we are as individuals and how we live our lives. Together with a global partner in another country, students learn about genetics and epigenetics while discovering how environmental and social conditions around the world can influence these things for better or worse. They will conduct a variety of experiments such as making Punnett squares, building molecular models and extracting DNA, and will delve into case studies of genetic traits and mutations. Students will also investigate the connection between genetics and forensics through an investigation of the genetic variations in individual fingerprints. Throughout the week, participants will work collaboratively with their global online partner to share thoughts on genes, environment and epigenetics.